Saturday, February 6, 2010

Living in harmony with Spring

Here are some suggestions for living in harmony with the Spring season:

1. Start the day early, with a brisk walk. Allow the muscles and tendons in your body to start stretching again. As you walk observe the life within you and around you. Make a garden. Eat greens.

2. Begin new things – at home, in your work and in yourself. Just as nature reinvents itself use this time to see people and situations around you with new eyes. Let new tissue grow over old hurts, and take fresh hope. Be creative. Make things, do things. Begin!

3. Consider how you wish to make ready for Summer harvest. As Spring won’t last forever use it’s bountiful energy wisely so that the seeds you sow – again, in yourself, in your work, and in your life – are those you wish to harvest. Use the energy of vision that Spring brings.

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